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Money Matt® 

Money Matt® is a the creator and pioneer of the music genre "Motivational Hip-Hop". To listen to his music, interviews and more make sure you follow us on all social media and streaming platforms below. For Money Matt® Brand & Apparel please visit our merchandise tab to purchase your merchandise today.


Money Matt® is a registered trademark, any use of the name without the consent of Money Matt® is prohibited.


  Money Matt® not only is a the image of professional music artist; this federal registration is registered under IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment information services, namely, providing information and news releases about a musical artist; Entertainment services by a musical artist and producer, namely, musical composition for others and production of musical sound recordings; Entertainment services, namely, dance events by a recording artist; Providing an Internet website portal featuring links to musical artist websites and music performance ticket information.

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